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Faith cook


Does anyone know about some trends or tips to consider on buying eyeglasses for children?

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  • Kachun


    Plastic frames in elongated rectangular shapes, small, retro-styled ovals, and even thin titanium frames are all available for today's small customers.Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses are the best choice for children's eyewear. These lightweight and very impact-resistant lenses offer the best combination of comfort and safety.Polycarbonate lenses for kids also are available with extra-durable lens coatings to make the lenses more scratch-resistant. Similar lens coatings can be applied to Trivex lenses as well.
  • Miranda clark


    There are some trends in children's eyewear: Designers have taken cool and classic designs that work for adults and scaled them down for kids. Don't be surprised if your child wants eyeglasses that look a lot like yours.Branded or licensed eyewear lines grab a child's attention. Fisher-Price, Hush Puppies, Stride Rite, Disney and Marvel Comics appeal to kids of all ages, but especially to very young children. Lines related to extreme sports (X-Games), basketball (Nike, Converse) and other sports are very popular with slightly older kids.Spring hinges, strong and flexible frame materials and impact-resistant polycarbonate or Trivex lenses all help protect your child's eyes as well as your financial investment in his or her eyewear.