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what to do with your old glasses?

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  • bell


    Believe it or not, there are many things you can do with old glasses. Recycle them. Pop out the glass lenses and put them in a glass recycling bin. If the frames are metal or plastic, you can recycle those also, if your city offers those recycling services. Or you can donate them.Many charities, such as the Lion's Club, collect glasses to give to people in need who can't afford them. Ask your eye doctor if he knows of such a charity, or simply give them to a thrift store such as Goodwill. You could also ask the director of a nearby nursing home or retirement center if they are in need of glasses for their residents.
  • Ryan evelyn


    People get rid of eyeglasses for several reasons- fashion, outdated prescription or broken frames being high on the list. Instead of tossing your glasses in the trash, why not send them off to be recycled, salvaged for parts and reused? Not only are prescription and reading glasses needed for individuals with sight problems, but sunglasses are donated to people living close to the equator to protect their eyes from sun damage.
  • Wendy


    Ask your optician if they collect old spectacles. Many do they are donated to charities who send them to developing countries. Vision Aid Overseas can help you find an
    optician in your area who collect old spectacles
    Search online,many charities will accept unwanted spectacles.