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Jocelyn david


Are my child's eyeglasses too tight or not fitting properly?

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  • Erin


    Nose pads may leave light impressions on your child's nose at the end of a day but these slightly pink marks should be even on both sides of the nose and quickly disappear once the glasses have been removed. You should never find any marks on the sides of your child's head. If you do, adjustments should be made immediately by your Doctor of Optometry in order to prevent the glasses from interfering with your child's normal head growth. Don't wait to do this because constricting growth can cause a permanent crease in the bone on the side of the head. Doctors of Optometry recommend parents check for these signs frequently to avoid their child not wanting to wear his or her glasses.
  • Brittany green


    You need to check out whether there is some impressions on your child's nose. Moreover you also need to ask whether the glasses compress his ears or not. If the answer is yes, then the eyeglasses is a little heavy and tight to your child. You need to take the pair to get it adjusted or you need to buy him a new pair. Hope this helpful.
  • Grand


    The sides of the spectacles should be adjusted to the shape of the face so that no pressure can be felt on the temples. Often, such pressing at the temples is misunderstood to mean that the spectacles are sitting properly. Optimally fitted sides should only cause a slight pressure behind the ear to keep the weight of the spectacles from bearing down on the nose. However, if the spectacles are too tight, the sides "wander" up the sides of the head and the spectacle frames slide down the nose.By the way, in certain situations the sides of plastic spectacle frames can deform slightly due to changes in temperature caused by the weather. If this causes discomfort, your optician can get the spectacles back to their original shape easily.