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What are some novelty contact lenses?

I am planning to get some contact lenses for Halloween. What are some novelty contact lenses?
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  • Tessence


    Novelty contact lenses are one of the secial-effect contact lenses which are soft contact lenses available for Halloween, theatrical and novelty uses. Novelty contact lenses have different patterns including vampire contacts, cat eye contacts and gothic contact lenses. The color of these lenses is opaque, so people with noth light and dark-colored eyes can achieve the desired theatrical effect. The novelty contact lenses are available with or without prescription.
  • Samuel


    Novelty contact lenses are made for some special purpose. for example, in Halloween, theme party, novelty contact lenses will help people achieve different novelty look. Besides, novelty contact lenses also used in some movies for a purpose affects. If you really want to know what novelty contact lenses are, look at

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