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What Are The Benefits of Yellow Lenses in Sunglasses?

What Can You Benefit from Yellow Colored Sunglasses?
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  • Sue


    Yellow tinted sunglasses can block blue light and UV rays, thus they can provide depth perception and sharp vision and they can also help improve the contrast especially in low light condition like on overcast or foggy days. Therefore yellow tnited sunglasses are preferred by people who like to hunt, hike, or do any other type of activity in low light area. Besides, yellow sunglasses can reduce eye fatigue when driving at night.
  • Bernice


    The same as common sunglasses, yellow colored sunglasses can protect eyes from UV rays and reduce strong light. Compared regular sunglasses, yellow lenses sunglasses can offer greatest depth perception and contras by filtering blue light, thus give wearers good vision. Besides, the yellow lenses can also block UV rays and provide sharpness and vision contrast in hazy light conditions.
  • Katelyn


    Yellow lenses in sunglasses can block 100% UV-ray and most of the blue-ray, normally when we see the sky it's in blue colour because the sunshine normally come to the earth as blue light when it go through the atmosphere. Therefore when we see things via yellow lens sunglasses it will absorb most of the blue-ray and that makes the items and scene clear in eyesight.

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