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Do girls in big sunglasses look silly?

These big sunglasses that cover almost half of the face seem to be quite popular now, but I think some girls in big sunglasses look quite silly. How about your opinion?
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  • castlemedic


    It depends if the big sunglasses you wear suit for you or not. generally speaking, big sunglasses won't make people look silly but enhance your look. For beauty who have a wide face or fat face, wearing a pair of big sunglasses can make their face look small and nice. Besides, wearing big sunglasses can cover lots part of faces thus to create an mysterious feelings. So, big sunglasses is a good way to look great.
  • croatiadiary


    big sunglasses are quite popular now. Many women and girls prefer wearing big sunglasses because they think these sunglasses look great on them. To be honest, some girls with these oversized sunglasses do look attractive and charming. While some girls look quite silly when they wear the big frame sunglasses. So if you want to get a pair of big framed sunglasses to wear, you should try them on to make sure they suit you properly. People with smaller faces are not suitable for big sunglasses.
  • Brooke peters


    In the first place, big sunglass is really fashionable for most people, especially for girls. Many girls look great and beautiful in big sunglass. It is a fashionable way for our dressing up and helps to protect our eyes from dazzling sunlight. big sunglass that covers half of our face can also keep the skin around our eyes from aging quickly as a result of exposing to ultraviolet rays. What's more, big sunglass can make our face look smaller and thinner. There are also different colors for you to choose from. Considering your worry, I suggest you to choose the ones in bright colors, for it can make you look fashionable and younger. If you still worry that big sunglass will make you look silly, then I think you can try them on before buying.