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What can I wear with purple glasses?

My friend gave me a pair of purple glasses as birthday gift but I don't know what to wear with them. What outfit color should i wear?
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  • Isabel cook


    There are many clothes that can match purple glasses. Nevertheless, to look properly, you shall try some simple and nice clothes to match your glasses. A yellow T-short and a black flats or sandals will make you look very relax, pure and fresh. Besides, you can also choose black coat and a pair of jeans will make you look crisp and cool. In fact, you can in different style as long as you match different clothes.
  • Nicholas carter


    I think the better way is to wear a pair of black shorts b and a white top to match your purple glasses. You can also get some cute purple polish to match the glasses. I have a pair of purple glasses, too. I don't care what would I wear to match them. I try different styles and colors of outfits everyday together with my purple glasses, but nobody says there is something wrong with them. So I would say purple glasses can match anything. Just wear something you like.
  • california_babi


    Bright colors are fashionable this summer and your purple glasses is really a good item for dressing up. I think there are many choices for you. You can try some simple T-shirts or casual outfits which are concise in design but with bright colors, so that you can create a feeling of color block. You can also try some dressing in mixing styles and it will help you look simple, younger, and fashionable.

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