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Samuel hill


Why Sports Glasses are necessary for basketball players?

I have noticed many NBA players wear sports glasses during a match. Why Sports Glasses are necessary for basketball players?
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  • Michael anderson


    sports glasses are type of goggles especially made for people when engaged in games, thus to shield their eyes from some potential dangers. And different sports activity required different designed sports glasses. For basketball players, there are specially made basketball goggles. They can shield eyes from some debris , thus help wearers always see clear. The basketball goggles can also be made with prescription to provide vision aids for people with poor vision.
  • cherry_bloss0m


    Basketball is a contact sports activity. They are so dangerous that people can get injured easily. Thus sports glasses are necessary for basketball players to protect their eyes from being injured while playing basketball. When you play basketball, your eyes can be injured by pokes and jabs by finger and elbow when you have close contact with other players. And sports glasses are more durable and unbreakable, so they are hard to get shattered and safe to players.
  • christraper


    According to a report from “Daily Health" network there are more than 40,000 eye injuries in sports in the United States each year, including basketball players. How horrible the number is! Let us imagine how sad the players will be if they suffer from corneal abrasion, eyelid bruising, retinal detachment etc. Fortunately, sports Glasses rise to the surface with such aim. They will do a good job in protecting wearer’s eyes and add a cool edge to their look.

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