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What should I wear with pink heart-shaped sunglasses to a pool party?

I just got a pair of heart shaped sunglasses and have a pool party coming soon. But i don't know what i should wear with them.
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  • Robert Johnson


    If you wear pink heart shaped sunglasses to a pool party, you can wear a bright colored swim suit like red or pin swim suit to compliment you. Besides, if you have a long hair, you can make a loose ponytail. This is a very prudent way of wearing. If you dare to try some new look, you can also wear black swim suit or other dark colored swim suit so as to make contrast of your pink sunglasses, thus to make you outstanding from others.
  • Gillian


    A pair of pink heart-shaped sunglasses is very cute to a pool party. A bright swimsuit like pink and yellow can go well with your pink heart-shaped sunglasses. A white swimsuit and a black swimsuit are also good choices for you to take a pool party together with your pink hearh-shaped sunglasses. In addition, If you are not in the sun, you can wear your hair down and put your cute sunglasses on your head which will make you more charming.