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Why my eyes are sensitive to light?

I feel like my eyes are very sensitive to light right now. I can hardly open my eyes in the sunlight. What's the problem with my eyes?
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  • Anthony cecil


    It sounds like you get photophobia. When the eye pigments in your eyes are unable to absorb all of the light in the environment, your eyes become sensitive to light. Photophobia may be caused by some medical problems. For example, migraine headache can cause eye pain which make your eyes sensitive to light. If you have a severe headache or fever, you should go to see an eye doctor immediately.
  • b3autiful___


    Eyes sensitive to light is called photophobia in medical terms. And there are many reasons may cause photophobia. If you want to know what's the problem with, you'd better visit your primary care doctor or your eye doctor. Please not ignore photophobia because they may also trigger other symptom such as a migraine headache, sever headache, fever and stiff neck etc. If you have any symptoms like this, You need to as help from eye doctor immediately.

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