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Is it normal to have glasses distortion?

I just got my new glasses and when I look straight ahead, it is fine. But when I look through the side, distortion becomes noticeable. Is this normal?
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  • walkinawayfromu


    I am not sure what kind of lens you wear. If you wear progressive lenses, it is normal for you to get distortions in your vision becaused you haven't got used to the progressive glasses. When you wear progressive eyeglasses, you shouldn't look through the side, which you can get distortions easily. While you should always turn your head to look at things so that you can get clear vision without distortion through the correct area of the lens. If you wear regular glasses with high prescription, you should go back to your optician to have them checked.
  • Andrea warren


    It sounds like you may getting bifocal lenses or progressive lenses. As far as i know, that eyeglasses lenses will have such problems of distortion vision if not use the lenses properly. If you have the bifocal or progressive eyeglasses, it is normal. So, you shall adapt your eyeglasses lenses as soon as possible. You shall try to turn your head for looking things around you instead of turn your pupils of eyes.