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David cook


Is dilation necessary in eye exam?

Is it necessary to have your pupils dilated in eye exam? What is the main purpose of a dilated eye exam?
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  • jill


    Whether take eye dilation depends on the reason for your eye exam. During dilation test, they eye doctor will use special eyedrops to cause eye cause eye dilation that enable your doctor better visualize your retina, optic nerve head and blood vessels in the back of your eyes, thus to diagnose many diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, systematic disease like diabetes, hypertension HIV etc.
  • choy Hsu


    Only the doctor tell you to do this, then it is necessary.otherwise there is no need to dilate you pupils, because is gonna feel uncomfortable for a while. If the doctor tell you to dilate your pupils is to eliminate the error of pseudomyopia,becausethe result after the mydriatic is more accurate.