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How to get contacts without eye exam?

My doctor charges me $70 for a special "contact exam" but I don't want to pay for it. How can I get contacts without eye exam?
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  • Noah


    If you have perfect vision and just want to wear contact lenses for looks, you can buy contact lenses without eye exam. But if you have poor vision or some eye disease, you shall take eye exam so as to get contact lenses properly that fit for your eyes. Though it will takes you $70 for taking eye exam, the health of your eyes are important. I don't think it is a wise choices to take risks of your eyes.
  • Sara nelson


    Oh my god, why doesn't he choose to be a burglar. It is very easy, if you have previously had some eye exam and have known your eye degree. You can get contact lens based on those data. There wouldn't be big changes from your previous data. If you are first-time glasses user, try to take an eye exam, the money will be well spent.