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How to get rid of eye bags caused by alcohol abuse?

How to get rid of eye bags caused by alcohol abuse? i don't want people notice them easily.
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  • Erin jackson


    It is very unattractive if you have eye bags, puffy and swollen eyes. To reduce the puffy and swollen of eyes, use cold water to wash your face. The cold water will help to reduce the swelling of severe, puffy eyes. Then, wet two bags of tea and place in the refrigerator for five minutes if possible. And when you using the tea bags, you shall close your eyelids. It will fix for swollen eyes temporary. Besides, use cold cucumber slice on your eyes also reduce swelling, and puffy eyes.
  • Rickey Stumphf


    First of all, try to drink water as much as possible. Next, apply cold water on your face which can reduce the swelling of your puffy eyes. Then you can place cold tea bags on your eye bags for two to five minutes to reduce swelling of your eyes. You can also use slices of cold cucumber on your eye bags, too. Finally, tap the puffy eyes under the eyelid with an eye cream which can help to constrict blood vessels, and then get rid of the eye bags.