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What should I look for when choosing sunglasses for driving?

What should I look for when choosing sunglasses for driving? What lens color should I get?
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  • Paige williams


    First all of all, the sunglasses choosing for driving shall protect against 99-100% of all UV rays. If the sunglasses can also block glares, it will be more comfortable wearing when you drive on the road. Second, The choices of the lens color is also an important factors for people wearing for driving. If you drive in sun, try blue lenses for your sunglasses. If you driving at dusk or overcast day, you can choose amber or yellow lenses. Or if you drive in a environment of medium lighting, you can choose grey lenses for your sunglasses.
  • come__tomorrow


    The first thing you must consider when choosing sunglasses for driving is the UV protetion. You'd better choose sunglasses that have 100% UV protection to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Next, polarized sunglasses are better for driving to help reduce the glare relected from the surface of the road, water and the coming cars. But the lens color of sunglasses you choose may be determined by the normal weather conditions you are in. All in all, brown sunglasses may be the best for driving.