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Hunter rose


Why do i get dry eyes after shower?

My eyes feel very dry after taking a shower. Why? what caused that?
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  • gerard


    When you take a warm bath, the hot water will get your blood pumping. The conjunctiveal congestion leads to your dry and tired/itching eyes. Don't worry. Remember to have a good rest. Of course, you can stick the cold compress on your eyes to relieve the dryness and feel comfortable. Naturally, when you are in this condition, I'm surprised whether you once have the trachoma or not? Then the eye drops of Chloromycetin combined to the vitamin A/D maybe help.
  • Noah james


    When you have a hot water bath,the blood circulation will speed up,so the eyes conjunctival congestion will be dry and ache. But it also probably is because that the hot water flooded to your eyes and choked the hole, so the body instruction caused reaction.
  • Gabriella


    It is possible to somebody to feel eye dry after shower. Because the heat and higher temperature would be become in the narrow bathroom when you take shower, increasing the evaporating of your tears. So, it is normal you feel eye drys after taking shower. Don't worry, it will recovery after a while rest. Or, you can use eye drops to help you.
  • covenmasters


    Shower will increase blood circulation and lead to corneal congestion. At this moment our eyes are more sensitive to the environment. So when impure water comes into the eyes, the eye immune system will be aroused, which furthermore will worsen the burden of the eyes. What's more, taking shower can consume pretty much energy and that is why we often feel tired but really relaxed with some rest. So don't immediately engage yourself in something, even reading can worsen the corneal congestion. Just take an absolute rest and wait until the blood circulation recovers to the normal standard. After this period of doing nothing, which is very essential, we will feel totally refreshed.
  • cook


    When you take a shower, the hot water will speed up blood circulation which will cause the hyperemia of eyes conjunctiva that will lead to the feeling of dryness. There is another possibility that when the hot water flood the eyes and choke the stoma, the body will give alleviating reaction, so your eyes feel dry.

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