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How to treat eye inflammation in children?

My kid got inflammation in her eyes. How can i help him? Is there any way i can do to treat them?
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  • Marc


    I know some nature ways to treat eye inflammation in your daily life. It may take some time. But it is very helpful. You shall take proper diet composed of 75% raw foods, and drink more herbal tea or juices. You shall also choose food with high flavonoids. The flavonoids are useful for inflammation reduction. And spinach and blueberries are food rich of flavonoids.Besides, strawberries and onions are also good for inflammation as well.
  • evil_lanruoj


    I suggest that you'd better take your kid to the hospital to conduct a comprehensive inspection and take timely treatment measures. You'd better consult professional doctor before the treatment in the self-medication. At the same time, parents should take certain methods to intervene and correct the children's bad habit such as rubbing their eyes!