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Alexia charles


What kind of face shape look good with oversized sunglasses?

The oversized sunglasses are really popular and they last for years. I want to buy one, too. So, i want to know what kind of face shape will look good with oversized sunglasses.
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  • Joshua?


    In general, the person who has a long and square face suitable for oversized sunglasses the most. Especially with a longer forehead and clean contour face. But as long as the shape and the color matched, others face can also receive good results. For example, if you think your forehead and cheek are very beautiful, you can try the butterfly shaped. This kind of oversized sunglasses can cover the eyebrows, and help the position of the eyebrows raised, then highlight the forehead. At the same time, few part of area below the eye is covered and then highlights the zygomatic bone. Vitoria Beckham's face is very thin, but still looks beautiful when she wear big glasses. This is because she has a relatively longer forehead, thus it does not have a feeling that her face is covered completely. And her color of skin slants wheat color, put on this kind of glasses, it adds a sense of style. If your face is round, you can choose glasses which have an opposite shape with butterfly shaped. Namely, the lower part of the glass frame nearly circular, make the cheek's shielding area is large and the face will looked more compact. By the way, sunglasses are marked characteristics of the accessory, so you must make sure it can be matched with your outfit, you can stand in a full-length mirror, and confirm the overall effect is good looking.
  • Kelly Dalton


    There is no doubt that oval face looks good with over-sized sunglasses because this shaped face is suit for all the styles. And the shape face of you is long face, square face, you do not need to worry because these kinds of face shape also look good with over-sized sunglasses. Do not try to wear it if the shape of your face is so small, oversized sunglasses will make your face looks smaller.
  • Md Mostafa


    Simply want to say oversized sunglass are a fashionable pic for modern fashion industry it is best choose for Heart, oval face outline.
  • Eliza


    oversized sunglasses are widely spread and suit for lots of people. Since oversized sunglasses are made of big frame and big lenses, they can cover larger part of wearers face. So, almost all people can wear it. Besides, oversized sunglasses can also be made in different shape and style. So, if you want, just try a pair that suit for you.

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