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Alexa murphy


Is wearing contact lenses very scary?

I find that more and many friends of mine tend to wear contact lenses. But i heard that wearing contact lenses should be very careful, or it may stick to eyes or break and tore eyes. So, i want to ask someone who often wear contact lenses, is it scary of wearing contacts?
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  • Alexandra


    Do not worry. Although, it takes some time to get used to contacts, it is not scary. You need more practice putting in contacts and removing them. After a few days, you will get over the feeling that you think it is scary to wear contacts. There are many people who are very good at wearing contacts. Since you want to switch to contacts, you need pay much attention to wear them properly, clean contacts and store them correctly.
  • Caroline


    If the cleaning of contact lenses does not do a good job, it easily leads to the occurrence of eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc. in general, the care and cleaning of contact lenses requires a four-step: flushing, scrubbing, flushing, and saving. Most people tend to ignore scrubbing, however, for lens hygiene it is recommended to keep the good habit of scrubbing. If you wear contact lenses in a right way, there is nothing scary.
  • Savannah taylor


    No, it is not. You just need some time to adapt to them and learn the way to wear contact lenses. After a few days, you will find that wearing contact lenses is much more convenient and comfortable. The way to put in contact lenses is quite easy: firstly, rinse thoroughly your lens with the optical solution on your palm of your hand; secondly, pull up your upper eyelid and down on your lower eyelid with your fingers; thirdly, put them into your eyes while looking upward or forward; finally, gently close your eyes for a few seconds. You would better choose UV-blocking contact lenses that can help protect the portion of the white of your eye that is covered from formation of growths such as pingueculae and pterygia.
  • exxxtazzzy


    You should not worry about them. Most of contact lenses are soft contact lenses. They are made of special polymers. They will absolutely not lead your eyes to get trauma. What you have to notice is that you should keep your contact lenses clean. If the contact lenses are contaminated by virus or bacterium, you are likely to get risk of infection. In addition, you should remember to get rid of wearing them overnight otherwise you wear the continued contact lenses. The lack of oxygen in your eyes will probably be a big problem.

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