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Paul Hathone


Why do my eyes get watery in windy days?

When I go out in the windy days, my eyes will get watery and it looks as if i'm crying. How does this happen? What can I do for it?
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  • Joshua arnold


    This is a common problems of dry eyes. To treat dry eyes, most of people adopt eye drops to keep them moist. You can also solve this problem in a more natural way. Just make yourself cry in someway that your tear will good to keep your moist of your eyes. They are the most quick ways to solve dry eyes. Besides, you can also adopt proper diet that to heap your dry eyes for long run. For example, you shall eat more food with vitamin A.
  • Ryan warren


    On windy days, the wind will make your eyes dry out. And some dirt, dust, pollen and other irritants can easily get into your eyes on a windy day, thus tears in the lacrimal gland will be released to lubricate the eyes and protect your eyes from dust, dirt and other particles. Then the tears drain down through the tear ducts and excessive tears will come out and spill over onto the face. But if you find it very serious, you should go to see a doctor as soon as possible.