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Can extreme and severe myopia causes blindness?

I have been wearing prescription glasses since i was a little girl. in fact, i have extreme myopia. I am afraid that my myopia will cause blindness? Will it happen to me? Can any one tell me good ways to make my myopia get better?
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  • Shelby


    it is not an alarmist. Compared to ordinary myopia, high myopia does harm to our life and make it inconvenient, but we should note that the resulting complications may cause eye lesions and even lead to blindness. Patients with high myopia axial have longer length than normal, so it is structure relatively weaker and Likely to cause disease, such as retinal detachment. Normally, you can take wear glasses and do a laser surgery. Mover, you need to pay attention to developing the habit of using eye. Now, tell you several ways to using eyes in brief. Firstly, must pay attention to eye health; Secondly, you should usually go to the open area. Thirdly, eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Fourthly, exercise your eye muscles and often look the landscape in the distance.
  • Otis Crockett


    Yes. With the growth of the age, the one with myopia will be strong prescription. And it is difficult to correct defects of vision to be normal, or even a severe visual impairment, like you said---blindness because the retina might be thinner. Until strong prescription cause the fundus hemorrhage or retinal detachment, there is the risk of blindness. The dominating factor of myopia is environmental including using the eyes at short range for a long time, bad habits, nutrition balanced diet and so on. That means it is preventable and treatable. Pay attention to rest and doing eye exercises is very good, and fruits and vegetables are the good choice for you.

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