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Bernadette Korey


What can i do to keep my prescription glasses fogging up?

It's so embarrassing that my prescription glasses often fog up especially in winter. Is there anyone who can tell me some good methods to stop my glasses from fogging?
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  • elpropio


    The reason of glasses fogging up is due to the temperature change immediately. If you want to release this problem, you should find a way to reduce the temperature difference. For example, you can preheating or wipe your glasses before you go into another environment. Besides, you also can choose anti-fog lenses to make it better. However, even the best anti-fog lenses do not 100% avoid fog. This is a big problem need to figure out in glasses industry.
  • Isabelle duncan


    It is really boring, i have the same problem with you. To get clear vision, you may need to clean it constantly with a soft clothes. Besides, i heard that there are eyeglasses that with anti fog coating on the lenses. But i don't is that really exist. Maybe you can try to search them out to avoid wearing eyeglasses with fogging lenses in winter.
  • Anne


    I can suggest is getting contact lenses. That would allow you to see clearly and not have any lenses to be fogged up