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Mya harris


What are good lenses for cycling glasses for dark winter?

i am looking for cycling glasses. I know there are different colored lenses for cycling glasses. Whic is the better one and why?
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  • crazyforluke


    In winter, the light is dark usually. Black, gray, and smoke lenses are not suitable for this condition. However, considering the light from the street lamp or car, I also do not recommend you to choose the uncoated lenses. Always, the color of light from street lamp is yellow. I guess the yellow lenses can be a good choice. This color can help you avoid too strong light from the street lamp or car while will not influence the vision in the dark.
  • John C.


    I have some suggestions for you. First of all, you should pick some cycling glasses that can block the UV rays perfectly and provide you with good vision in winter. Secondly, you'd better choose some glasses lenses that are larger than the average size. It can help to protect your eyes better when you're cycling outside. At last, you can choose brown-colored lenses. It are cool and manly to look and can easily match your clothing.