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How much do cycling sunglasses usually cost?

I just bought a pair of cycling sunglasses for $150 and I think I was ripped off. How much do cycling sunglasses usually cost?
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  • Kelly eddy


    You can get cycling sunglasses from the major sporting goods stores, but they are much expensive in these stores. If you go to order them online, you will spend much less on cycling sunglasses. However, cycling sunglasses are a little more expensive than regular sunglasses because they are specially designed for cycling. A pair of cycling sunglasses with good quality will range from $40.00 to over $100.00. They will cost you more if you need unique vision requirements. Therefore it is normal for you to spend $150 on your cycling sunglasses.
  • Christina


    It depends, some brands designer cycling sunglasses are expensive that need hundreds of dollars. But personally, cycling sunglasses are worn for eye protection, we needn't buy brands designer one, a quality and comfortable pair is enough. As far as i know, a pair of quality pair of cycling sunglasses can range from $40.00 to over $100.00 online. And you can choose them from some sporting goods stores such as Copeland's or some sites like eBay.