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Mackenzie rose


Do sunglasses make me look like a douche?

Today, there are many people that are crazy about sunglasses. Do sunglasses make me look like a douche?
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  • b3phoenix


    Fashion is woman's nature, so your concern is unnecessary. In my personal opinion, the most obvious factor that women are crazy about sunglasses is owing to thhat wearing sunglasses can make their face look smaller. And almost every woman is willing to have a small face. In addition, sunglasses are becoming good stylish accessory recently and make them look fashion. There is still a practial value, women wear sunglasses to against strong rays in order to protect their skin and eyes. Therefore, it's totally fine for you to wear a sunglasses, which makes you look fashionable and protect you from harmful UV rays and strong light from all angles. However, just pay attention to one point, do not wear it in the room, which let you seem to be unfriendly and haughty. Hope these suggestions can help.
  • James green


    I'm not sure whether you look like a douche or not, because I have no idea if you have the suitable sunglasses. Okay,seriously,I mean,most of people would be so cool,when they wear sunglasses and that's the reason why they wear it. Then when it comes to choosing section,you have to make sure you have a good taste,at least you need to know what kind of sunglasses can make you look cool not douche. How to do that ? That's easy,go to the department store then go straight forward to the sunglasses store or other luxe store if you have enough bucks.then try every one you like until the perfect one show up.
  • Robert murphy


    Well, this is quite a funny question. As you can see, millions of people of different ages, different sexes wear sunglasses. And different types wear sunglasses in the market to fit people, so it does not make sense to hold that assumption. As a matter of fact, by wearing sunglasses, you are able to appear much more attractive and keep away from some harmful lights, so as to better protect your eyes. A douche is who cares about that unnecessary stuff.