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Can food allergies cause dark circles under eyes?

It is possible to get dark circles because of food allergies? If so, how to treat it?
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  • b1ggy_13


    Yes, the food allergies will cause the dark circles under the eyes which may be easily caused by the lack of sleep. However, after the food allergy, you may find that you could not have the good sleep because of the problems in the skin or other parts. Thus, you may get the dark circles under the eyes. You should have a good rest and keep on using the medicine that the doctor gives to you. Then you may find that the dark circles be released.
  • tuener


    Yes, it is possible to get dark circles because of food allergies. If you scratch, then the skin around the eyes would be dimmer. In the season when people are liable to get allergic, those who are with allergic physique could get eye bag under their eyes. Or if you are taking some medicines and those medicines make your blood vessel expand, which could cause your skin dark, then you are likely to get dark circles. Under such circumstances, you need to find out the allergen at first and get away from it. Balance your diets and eat more fruits with rich vitamin C. Do appropriate aerobic exercises to promote the blood circulation. Bear in mind to keep a happy mood and to have enough sleep. Also, massage and hot compress help get rid of the dark circles.
  • elizabeth_starz


    Definitely yes, it could cause that. Food allergy is one common type of allergies in daily life, like milk, wheat, egg and peanuts. The dark circle under the eyes is one typical symptom of food allergy. The reason why food allergy causes that is because these foods contain large amounts of protein, which could not be absorbed by people's immune system. Hence, it would be appear on the skin, such as the dark circles under the eyes. Due to it is a natural allergic reaction, there is no special treatment for it. The best way is reducing allergenic food intake and maintain a diet. At the same time, you should read ingredients of food before purchasing and eating them.

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