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Can depression cause dark circles under eyes?

Is it possible to get dark circles for a period of depression time?
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  • Makayla


    Yes, it is likely to get dark circles for a period of depression time because when in a depressed mood, the flowing speed of blood venous blood is slow, in this way, the blood cell of the skin of ocular region cannot supply enough oxygen and the carbon dioxide and waste materials of metabolization in the venous blood accumulate, forming chronic oxygen deficit, as a result, the blood stagnates and cause the disposition of pigment of ocular region. You should get rid of the depressed mood as soon as possible and keep yourself relaxed. You can do appropriate aerobic exercises, which not only can help you relax yourself but also promote blood circulation and help reduce dark circles. Wish you happy everyday.
  • chained_destiny


    Well, as far as I know, the truth is , depression would simply not give rise to dark circle under eyes. Actually, dark circles are primarily derived from irregular life and bad habbits, such as burning the mid-night oil, a lack of sleep, or too much sleep. Therefore, you need to find out the possible reasons. However, depression could indirectly impact and lead to dark circles, thus, you also need to be happy and optimistic about everything granted by life and destiny. Good luck!
  • Gail


    Yes, the depression can be one of the most possible reasons that cause the dark circles under the eyes. When you have the depression, you may not have the nice sleep which will cause you to get the dark circles under the eyes. In order to let your dark circles release, you'd better have the good mood.
  • Sarah Carey


    Yes, depression can cause dark circles as I have suffered many problems in my life so being depressed was very common for me and dark circles too but when life becomes will be out of depression but dark circles will still to remove these circles I use Dermalmd under eye treatment serum and if you are searching for a cure should really try this product its results are really promising