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Trinity rose


Can you get pink eye from sleeping with contacts in?

If i sleep without removing my contact lenses, is it possible for me to get pink eyes?
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  • evelyn12


    Definitely yes, it could cause pink eye with that condition, especially when you are wearing soft contact lenses. Because the lenses are directly place on the surface of retina, which is easy to get infection with improper care. Eyes are closed to absorb nutrients during the sleep time, thus some mucus with nutrients would moisture your whole eyes. In general, we use clean hands to insert and take off contact lenses. However, the invisible bacteria or virus can stay on the surface of lenses if your hands were unclean. Hence, it is easy to get pink eye with your situation.
  • Austin


    As far as I know, it would not be wise for you to sleep with contacts in your eyes, because by doing so, you are much more likelier to get some infections and disorders including pink eyes, since your eyes always need some time to rest and this could really lead to some bad impacts on your eyes, constant contact with contact lenses would not be supported.
  • coulisse_16


    The answer is absolutely YES. When you get pink eye, your eyes appears red or pink, and it may watery, feel itchy, sensitivity to light,or a sticky, yellow discharge in the corner of the eye.Hear those description,you may thought that pink eye is terrible. And wearing contact lenses while sleep can easy cause eye infection, thus to lead pink eyes. So,what can you do to protect yourself from it? The answer is do not wear contact lenses overnight.

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