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Why is everyone wearing nerd glasses?

I find that there are many people wear nerd glasses today. Why? How do you think of this phenomenon?
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  • Matthew


    Some people consider nerd glasses as fashionable, vintage style, academy style and cute.The dull, thick and dorky frame makes the face appear smaller. Some are just following suit, as they want to be trendy and in. Many celerities like nerd glasses. These people take after stars and idols.There are also some people are just following the Asian fashion trend.
  • Caitlin


    Yeah, the nerd glasses now are so popular. A lot of people tend to wear it to chase after the popularity. nerd glasses are so fashionable at the appearance. People wearing it will look more knowledgeable. At the same time, the black frame nerd glasses will look so fashionable now. This popular phenomenon is reasonable because people like the new thing and new design of the eyeglasses.
  • jessica joyce


    Time is changing,now nerd glasses mean fashion and stylish, they are very popular.Mean while, I think nerd glasses are good-looking, maybe funny too.If people wear nerd galsses, they will look very fashionable.
  • Linda


    The most possible explanation to this phenomenon is that nerd eyeglasses can enhance one's appearance. It is true that many people are fit for wearing eyeglasses, while others are suitable for contact lenses. You also can chose a pair of nerd eyeglasses to enhance your outlook and make yourself much fashionable than others. In addition, some eyeglasses are much lighter and thinner than before. They are hard to lead to eye infection during your wearing. So most people begin to wear them day by day.