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what to do if you get kerosene in your eyes

My eyes feel so bad because i got a bit of kerosene in the eyes. What shall i do to save my eyes?
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  • walkingfetus


    Yes, it is really bad for you to get a bit of kerosene in the eyes which you need to get away from the places with fire. You should wash it out carefully with clean water. Then you should dry the eyes and have the good rest for the eyes. You should just have the good rest for the eyes, letting them feel comfortable.
  • Gabriel leonard


    Don't worry. There are five layers for your cornea.The cornea will heal itself when the surface layer gets hurt. So you need to take first aid before kerosene enter inner layer of your cornea.The minute you get kerosene in your eyes, you need to rinse your eyes with saline solution and flush away the kerosene in your eyes. After that, pay attention to other symptoms. If the situation get worse, go to see a doctor.
  • b3autiful_s0ul


    Don't worry about it, everyone had similar experience with you. For example, somebody get pepper in the eyes, others get oil. When you encounter such a situation, rinse your eyes thoroughly with saline water as soon as possible to avoid your eyes infection. And after that, buy some anti-inflammatory eye drops. Hope you will be better soon!
  • bob


    any updates?