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Why do my eyes make a noise when i blink?

I can heard the noise made by my eyes when i blink. Why? Is this normal?
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  • Mya


    That's completely normal. Your eye produces water obviously and im supposing that some air gets into it, which in turn makes it sound squishy. Mine does it all the time. Don't mess with your eye because if you had some type of bacteria on your hands which had like the pink eye virus, then you would have something to worry about. However, if your eyes keep popping, it is a little unusual, but you wouldn't worry at all cause its not hurting or anything.
  • Mark Burns


    Do you also have burning and dryness in your eyes constantly? If so, you are likely to have dry eyes syndrome. Have some eyedrops or artificial tears every day. There is another possibillity that you may have fluid building up behind your eyes which is caused by sinus pressure. Do you have sinus infection history? Do you feel anything bulging behind your eyes? Do you wake up to find mucus in your eyes? If so, sinusitis may be the culprit of your noise of blinking.
  • Beth


    There are many reasons for the noise. Whether you condition is normal depends on the cause of the noise. When the liquid or moist in your eyes is abundant, there will be noise caused by air friction every time you blink your eyes. This condition is normal, and not a big issue. Eye wateriness is another cause of the noise, which should be taken seriously. And you should do something to get rid of the wateriness. Eye mucus can also make the blinking noise. It is the result of infection, allergies or eye dryness. If the noise lasts for a long time, you should see an oculist to get advice or proper treatment.
  • cajunbel29


    It is not normal. Usually the blinking movement will not cause the noise from the eyes. Your eyeballs or other parts may get infection and are affected by the blinking movement. You'd better go to have a check on the eyes to see whether there are the problems at the eyes. If you have, you should treat them as soon as possible.