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Sharon Field


Can high myopia lead to blindness?

I have high myopia. Just wondering if it will cause my eyes to be blind? Any idea?
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  • comingoutloud


    Myopia makes you look at things to be blurry in the distance but clearer up close. Logically, your eyes won't go blind even you have high myopia, but it may lead to retinal damage, such as glaucoma, which can lead blindness. No body can help you to prevent it happening but chose the right glasses at the right moment, you can slow down the progression of your high myopia and even stop its worsening by choosing a good pair of glasses. I recommend you go to the professional eye hospital get the right lenses, and use eyes correctly to prevent your high myopia grow in length or become worse.
  • Eric


    Yes. High myopia can possible to cause blindness. High myopia is also called degenerative myopia. People with high myopia are often affected with diseases like glaucoma and cataract affect both vision and ocular health. And if you ignore that eye disease, it will cause the high risk of retinal detachment, thus to cause eventually blindness.
  • Kevin percy


    Well, yes, high myopia can cause the blindness. So if you have high myopia, you should be careful about it. And in some cases, I suggest you should go and see a doctor, so that he can tell you what to do to prevent it. As we know that high myopia, is a leading cause of blindness. Also, according to some research, the degree of myopia have be related to degenerative eye conditions and diseases like glaucoma and cataract , which can affect both vision and ocular health. Also you should know that high myopia is caused by abnormal elongation of the eyes, so the retina and parts of the eye, which are responsible for sending signals to the optical nerve, are most affected. In this way, it can lead to blindness. So just pay more attention to your eyes, when you have this symptom.

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