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Logan hall


How long does double vision last after strabismus surgery ?

I get double vision after strabismus surgery and my double vision is getting increasingly worse. How long will double vision last? What should i do?
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  • Kim Cooper


    I have had double vision for three 1/2 months after horizontal eye muscle surgery. Can't see very well with fresnel lenses either. Need to see a specialist asap...trying to get an appointment.
  • Kelly


    Don't worry, it's a normal phenomenon that you get double vision after strabismus surgery within two weeks. In general, the symptom of double vision after strabismus surgery will relieve gradually and completely disappear after half a year. If you have misgivings, you could make an appointment with your doctor for a further consultation. In daily life, you should not overwork your eyes and you should take a good rest to avoid asthenopia. Wish you recover soon.
  • Allison walker


    It depends on how successful of your surgery and how long your eyes recover. Some patients will recover a week later after the surgery and some have the same symptom as you do. So it is hard to tell you how long does double vision last. What you should do is to wait and see whether this situation is getting better or not. Don't have medicine at random. If your situation is getting worse and worse and you get double vision for a very long time, go to see a doctor for help.
  • Alex


    Hello, hope your sight is ok now!
    Can you share some more information about what happened around the year? I want to take a surgery too and I'm concerned about double sight. Thank you!