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How to keep glasses on during sport?

I have to wear glasses because of my high myopia. I can't wear contact lenses because contracts make me feel very uncomfortable. How to keep glasses on your face while playing sports like football, basketball because they're kinda loose on me?
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  • May Yong


    The problems happen a lot to people who do exercise and sports. There glasses will slide on their face as they are sweaty. The best way to solve the problem is to get a pair of sport goggles. As you have high myopia, you can get a pair of prescription sport glasses. They are special for people like you. It is inconvenience to do sports with glasses. Lenses may be crashed during running or moving. Special sport glasses are not friable. They are also designed with exclusive structure which can stay on you faces firmly. It is not possible that pieces of glasses lenses will enter you eyes and wound you. It is safe. Even when you are totally soaked in sweat, it will not slide. Further more, it can also provide your good eyesight as normal glasses. You can get a pair of prescription sport glasses in a professional store. That will solve your problem.
  • b3autiful___


    Well, it seems that you really have great interest in sports activities and you don't want to wear contacts. I should say, I have the same condition with you, sports enthusiast, also nearsighted. But I still play games with glasses on. Perhaps you just need a pair of prescription sports glasses that is suitable for you, which could just fit you, which would be ok.
  • Rome


    Just wear sports glasses. It will be work. One of my friend of have bought a pair such glasses. He thought it useful. And i have saw such glasses on You can have a look.

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