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Daniel christian


Can high blood pressure cause increased eye pressure?

Does high blood pressure increase my eye pressure? Does anyone know?
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  • Vidadimir


    Yes, high blood pressure can lead to high eye pressure. As we know that when you have done something which can irritate the nerve system, it will make the blood pressure higher. In this way, the blood will flow to the eyes and then make the high eye pressure. In other words, when blood pressure has moved up, eye pressure went up as well. And then, if your eyes suffer from high eye pressure, it can make the bloodshot to eyes. So at that time, you can say your eyes become red. Anyway, if you have high blood pressure, you should be more careful about it. Or it can be dangerous, not only to your eyes, but also other parts of your body. And, when you have high eye pressure, it is possible for your eyes to have many eye diseases, such as dry eyes, or eye strain. Also, it can damage your vision in some degree.
  • Marissa george


    High blood pressure can affect your eyesight and lead to eye disease. Hypertension can cause damage to the blood vessels in the retina. Doctors call this disease hypertensive retinopathy. The damage of hypertension retinopathy can become serious if not been well treated. And the best way to prevent your eye pressure become high is control your blood pressure. There are several suggestions to control your blood pressure as following: 1. Changing your diet, vegetables are good for your to control your blood pressure, and do not eat too much high fat food; 2. Exercising more, healty body can prevent a lot of disease from access you. 3. Taking the prescribed high blood pressure medications; 4. Following your doctor's suggestion and have a regular check.