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miguel gaytan


What style of sunglasses are suitable for a round face?

I am trying to find sunglasses that look good on me. I have a round face and the complexion is a little pale. What style and color of sunglasses should I get?
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  • Sean


    Commonly, people with round faces are featured with fuller cheeks and a round chin. To compliment their face, you shall try to wear sunglasses frames that can make their face look thinner and longer. To get the purposes, you shall try angular narrow sunglasses frames. Or you can try sunglasses with a clear bridge that widens the eyes and frames such as a rectangular shape. So, you can rectangular-oval shaped sunglasses.
  • walkingthepaths


    Round faces need glasses to contrast with the roundness. Sunglasses that are suitable for a round face can make the face appear longer and thinner, thus they can match each other well. People with a round face should choose square or upswept sunglasses which can draw people's attention to the upper part of face. I think sqaure frame sunglasses or cat eye sunglasses can suit your round face well. As the complexion is a little pale, sunglasses with bright colors will suit you fine.
  • cookie127


    Before choosing a pair of sunglass, we need to know the feature of our own face so that we are able to pick the right sunglasses that suit us perfectly. For people with a round face, they seem to be very cute and young. While at the same time, a round face maybe look a little fat for some people. Here's some tips for round faces. In the first place, do not choose the sunglasses that are shaped round, for it may make your face look even more round. You can try the squared sunglasses and cat eye ones. These sunglasses can help making your face more stereoscopic. Then, you should pick some big sunglasses. The bigger sunglasses can cover larger area of skin of our face. Therefore, they will help to make our face look much smaller.