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Are transitions lenses good for the car?

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  • Luis lewis


    Transitions adjusts to match the level of outdoor glare. It varies as the day and conditions change. You see the best light with better clarity and color. Transitions lenses blocks 100% of UVA & UVB rays and it's also designed to work with mostly any frame.Inside your home or car these lenses are clear but once they are exposed to direct sunlight they react to UV rays by becoming darker and more polarizes as the light brightens over time. These sunglasses can be used for driving and can reduce glare from a long view like the road's surface. You can just add transition vantage to your everyday use glasses, your eyes will feel more comfortable and you'll be able to see better under any lighting.
  • Lily


    Transition lenses, they are one of the more influential developments to hit the eyewear industry in the last several decades. Transition lenses are the ideal combination of prescription glasses and sunglasses, clear at night or when it is cloudy or shady, dark when outdoors in the pair is all it takes to cover all light conditions. One of the primary drawbacks of transition lenses: they do not fully darken inside a car. UV light present in a car is that which filters in through the side window glass, and usually it's not enough to trigger transition lenses. This can be problematic for many, as daytime driving is one those activities where sunglasses are most useful. Options, such as sunglasses that fit over or clip on to your prescription glasses, are available.