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Are progressive lenses difficult to get used to?

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  • williams


    Progressive lenses provide convenience to those who require spectacles for distance and near or for those who work in an environment where taking their reading glasses on and off can be a nuisance. Progressive lens designs incorporate distance, intermediate and near into the one lens blending the prescription so that it fits into a certain area of the lens. Getting used to wearing a multifocal depends on the design of the lens, the correct measurement and fitting of the lenses and the size of the frame chosen for that particular design. This places more emphasis on the dispenser than the customer. Successful adaptation depends on the client persisting with the lens above all other things.Most people adapt to a general purpose progressive lenses within a short period of time but may find that the area of vision is limited due to the compromising of three prescriptions into the one lens. There may be some people with more complicated prescriptions or are more sensitive to the graduation and distortions which may make it more difficult to adapt to a general progressive lens and may require a more individualized lens type.
  • crockettcastle


    Yes, most people have a difficult in getting used to them. If looking in the distance, a person must always point her nose in the direction she looks to make sure she looks through the proper section of the progressive lens. Failing to do this, some people find that distance vision appears blurry. However, even though people new to progressive lenses must change the way they move their heads, over time the movement feels natural, and they will not have to think about how to use the lenses. Anyone who feels they cannot adjust to the lenses should return to his or her doctor's office to discuss the problems.
  • Lily zhou


    I got used to them right away, Under normal conditions you can get used to them at most a day or two. If you are finding it hard to get used to your progressive lenses, they weren't made correctly or the frames may have to be adjusted, Progressives are very sensitive to the shape of the glasses around your face and how far the lens is from the eye,if you go for months feeling dizzy,Having headaches, squinting in order to be able to see, you may have to get another pair.
  • Lee


    I have been wearing progressive lenses for a long time, when I first got mine, I went to optometrist the doctor said the progressive lenses take time to get used to. I take a week to get used to them,if you really have a trouble on them, I advice you to go to a local optometrist and pay for a little more for glasses.