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Is there any kind of glasses to wear with bangs?

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  • Arianna walker


    Frankly speaking, each pair of eyewear can fit with bangs. However, the problem is how to make them matched. If you like to wear side bangs, or are considering getting them, it is vital to wear or bring your glasses to your hair appointment! Request that your bangs are cut dry, so you can determine the actual length of your hair while styled. Wet hair can shrink quite a bit, so having them cut after they are dry will ensure you don't wake up to a surprise the next morning.There's nothing worse than a "shelf" of bangs, whether you wear glasses or not, so asking your stylist to "point cut" or texturize your bangs will help them lay nicely, and taper into the rest of your hair.If you prefer a full face frame, I'd recommend not cutting your bangs above your eyebrows. Any space left between the top of the frame and the bottom of your bangs may "disconnect" your entire look. Of course, none of my tips are hard and fast rules. They are just my suggestions if you need a little guidance in that area.
  • Joshua arnold


    Any type of glasses would look perfect with bangs! Only thing is knowing which glasses look ideal with you. To choose what glasses suits you best you have to consider the shape of your face.A long face has a high forehead that bangs cover. The face shortens with an illusion of more width to the face. For a perfect look the wider the glasses the better. Oversized frames work great with your features. Choose a bold shape that compliments your style. Standout by playing with colors and textures!Bangs gives length to a round face. To make it appear thinner and longer, angular narrow glasses lengths the face. Sharpen your softer features with rectangular frames. Choose frames that have bold angular lines. Ensure the bottom hits just above your cheekbones! Hope this helpful.
  • Jasis


    Actually, any kinds of glasses can match the bangs, you just attention to trimming your bangs in time. There are also some other advice, if you have side bangs, leave your bangs down and put hair up into a bouncy or textured ponytail. Bangs or no bangs,rub some mousse/texturing spray through your hair and blow order to look more pretty in glasses, you had better make up when you wearing glasses.
  • Aana


    Hair is an amazing tool we can use to express ourselves. But you just need to consider two things before you purchase a pair of glasses, consider your Face shape, the shape of your frames, cut bangs regular and make sure that they are suitable for your personal style. Finally anyone who wears glasses with bangs can looks adorable.

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