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Is there any treatment for visual snow?

I was first acquired visual snow in my mid-twenties, and i was told to live with it. Is there any treatment for visual snow?
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  • Jen Ambrose


    Dr. Goadsby and Dr. Schankin from UCSF are 100% committed to this research, and are very motivated to help find the cause and hopefully a treatment plan.

    To participate in this Visual Snow study you must:

    1) Suffer from 24/7 visual snow
    2) live in the U.S.
    3) Be willing to travel to San Francisco for testing
    4) complete a short, very simple phone interview to determine if you are eligible
    5) Must be between the ages of 18 - 55

    Contact details for the study can be found on or contact the doctors directly at

    These doctors 100% believe in this condition, and that is a great comfort to many patients.
  • Former Employee


    Visual snow is closely associated with macular degeneration. If you are detected to suffer vision snow, you shall as for a solution. Studies shows that visual snow is closely associated with macular degeneration. The best way suggested by eye doctors is clonazepam. Nevertheless, you shall counsel your eye doctor and ask her/his advices if it is available for you before you accept interventions
  • walgru


    People who get visual snow may see snow or television-like static in parts or whole of their visual fields. Peopel may see snow or static in all light conditions and this symptom becomes even worse in the dark environment. Visual snow won't go away by itself. However, to be disappointed, at present there is no special treatment for dealing with visual snow. The only solution that the eye doctor recommend is clonazepam.