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How expensive is reading glasses in India and what is the quality of the frames and lense like?

Reading glasses in the UK is extremely expensive. Do you think it is worth importing my glasses from India?
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  • 04/14/2012

    I don't know the price of the glasses in India.But I know there are many cheap glasses online,so if you can't afford the expensive glasses,just buy them online.Firmoo company is a good one.They have cheap glasses yet high quality.
  • Faith cook


    The price of reading glasses can also range a lot depending on the material, design and brand. Generally the quality is better if the price is higher. I believe there are also cheap reading glasses in India. As shopping online is so convinient now, you can easily find them from online stores.
  • walker03andrea


    Well, if you are worrying about the prices of glasses, you can buy a pair of glasses online. But you may also need to take a look at physical stores and the glasses sold online and then compare the prices of them. Nowadays there are many glasses stores online. You may need to view the comments of the glasses before deciding to buy a pair of glasses. I would recommend you to have a look at Once I bought a pair of glasses from it, it turns out that the glasses is very nice and with good quality. I like it very much. And the price is very reasonable too. Good luck!
  • crazycowgirl89


    Sweetie, I just find some online stores for you. you can have a look to see whether there are some glasses that you like. As to the price, I think it varies according to different materials and different functions. And usually the most famous brand is always charging high. But I don't think that the cheap glasses mean lower quality. So I suggest you to buy a pair of cheap glasses. It can save our money and solve our vision problems too. Hope this helped!