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What are some bad visual habits causing myopia?

I don't want to wear glasses all over my life. What are some bad visual habits causing myopia? i will avoid them.
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  • chronojwl


    Excessive eye use can cause myopia. Eyes also need enough time to rest to keep healthy. While many people often overuse their eyes, thus they often get eye fatigue which is the leading cause of myopia. Nowadays, many children prefer watching TV or playing computer and they can't stop staring at the screen for a long time, which make their eyes strained too much. Long-term excessive eye use can lead to myopia easily. Reading in the dim light can also cause myopia because your eyes will get strained in the dim light.
  • Erin


    Yes, visual habits is very important for eye health. If you want to avoid myopia, you'd better keep good visual habit and avoid the following actions. Please not read, write in dim light environment or in a car. Please not read book in too close distance, keep good posture of reading and writing. Please take regular eye break if you work with near vision work

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