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When can I wear colored contacts after lasik surgery?

i am going to have lasik surgery to correct my nearsightedness. i often wear colored contacts because I don't like the color of my eyes. How long should I wait to wear color contacts after Lasik surgery?
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  • kathy


    People who just had lasik surgery should wait for at least 3 months and then they can consider wearing colored contacts. During the procedure of the lasik surgery, the cornea is reshaped by removing the tissue. Thus the shape of the cornea will be changed after lasik surgery and some contact lenses will not fit your eyes properly. Or you will feel uncomfortable to wear colored contact lenses after lasik surgery. However, you can go to the eye doctor to have your eyes checked and see whether you are suitable for colored contact lenses after lasik surgery.
  • Jackson raphael


    It is depending on what state your eyes has been left in after the surgery. Usually, it takes a few of months. But you'd better see your optician and get your eyes checked. If your eyes have totally healed from having the surgery, you may be able to wear non prescription colored contact lenses. If you not, I believe that you would not want to push the limits or stress your eyes after LASIK surgery.