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Which online store offer good quality round glasses frames?

Which online store offer good quality round glasses frames? I don't want the frame break again after a slight bump.
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  • clozco


    With the popular of vintage glasses, round glasses frames, as one of typical vintage glasses, are everywhere. If you look for durable round glasses frames, you can buy titanium glasses frames in round shape. titanium is one of the latest materials applied to glasses frames which are light weight, durable and bendable. And i have saw such titanium round glasses frames at Go and get a pair of good quality round glasses with durable frames.
  • b1ttersw33t7


    Round frame glasses, conisdered as classic glasses all the time, are one of the most popular glasses nowadays. If you want to get round frame glasses, make sure you don't have a round face because people with round faces are not suitable for round eyeglasses. You may find round glasses frames with good quality at ray-ban, or Gucci. But they are expensive if you get the name brand of round glasses. However, there are other online optical stores which offer round eyeglasses frames with good quality yet affordable prices, such as, and glasses2you. You can have a look there.