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Do horn rimmed glasses look sexy on men?

Do you think these horn rimmed glasses look sexy on men?
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Answers (2)

  • Todd


    Horn rimmed glasses are fashion and good look on people that suit for men & women. With it, they make men look more handsome and sexy. For example, john deep are look handsome and sexy with horn rimmed glasses. But not all men will look sexy in horn rimmed eyeglasses. Nevertheless, they are still get handsome look from horn rimmed glasses. So, It is worthy to collect horn rimmed glasses frames.
  • Caroline bell


    Yes. Horn-rimmed glasses are originally made out of either horn or tortoise shell, but now they refer to the thick plastic eyeglasses with color similar to that of tortoise shell. The color resembles a leopards skin that will look much sexy on men. The bright color of horn rimmed glasses give a strong impression of individuality, power and domination. When men wear horn rimmed glasses, they look cooler and much more sexy due to the unique and spectacular aura of horn-rimmed glassesl. In my opinion, horn rimmed glasses look sexy on both men and women.