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James green


What are hip glasses for men?

Can you give me some styles of hip glasses for men?
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  • Zoe may


    hip glasses can be understand as fashion glasses. For men, horn rimmed glasses, black framed glasses are popular right now. If you look for hip glasses for men, i think black framed glasses are good choices since black frame are easy to match clothes and suit for all occasion no matter for business or for leisure time. Again, horn rimmed glasses frames are worthy to collect if you like retro vintage fashion.
  • ctakah4ik


    hip glasses also refer to fashionable glasses. For men, they always prefer plastic frames which are lightweight and durable. Plastic frame glasses have a huge selection of styles and colors. They can choose thin plastics, bold plastics and black 50s plastic frames with different color they like. Another type of fashion glasses for men are classic styles in tortoise patterns which are lasting trend eyeglasses and will never fade out. In addition, semi-rimless glasses also become a fashion trend in men's eyeglasses. They also are one of the lasting hip glasses styles for men.