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Joseph campbell


How to restore old eyeglasses?

I have several pairs of old eyeglasses but i don't want to throw them away. How can I restore old eyeglasses?
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  • Paige


    If you want to restore your old eyeglasses, you shall first inspect your old frames to make sure there is no major cracks. Then, you shall clean the old glasses in details to make them look bright and clean. If you need vision aids, you can replace a new pair of prescription lenses. Then, use a screwdriver to tight all screws on your glasses frames if necessary. Now, you will get a pair of fresh glasses frames.
  • Gabriel


    If your glass lenses are broken or scratched, you can take them to an optometrist and he can fit them for new lenses. Whether you plan to wear the frames after you restore them or simply display them, you must take proper care to gently clean and refurbish the frames. But if here is something wrong with your eyeglasses frame, the procedure to restore it will be a little complicated. Most older and antique eyeglass frames are made from metal or wire. Taking carefully to an expert to fix it will be the only choice. The procedure only requires ordinary supplies you may already have on hand, but will have your old eyeglass frames looking like new.


    Wow, you are so lucky that you have several pairs of old eyeglasses that you can match them with different cloth, so in others eyes, they are not "old glasses". But there is still something you need to do. First of all, clear them and put them well in the times you don't wear, or the'll be scratched. Secondly, make sure that the prescriptions are still fit for your eyes, because our eye prescriptions often change, and if the glasses lenses are not match with them, they will be bad for our eyes. But it will not be a problem either if the prescriptions are not fit for your eyes, you just need to go to the optician shop and change the lenses. So, it is easy to restore your old glasses.