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Where can I get reading Glasses for Wide Faces?

Can you help me find reading glasses that fit on my wide face?
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  • Jada


    If you have wide face, you can buy oval reading glasses or big frames glasses to flatter your face. If you have big face, you can buy oversized reading glasses frames. And those reading glasses can be found almost in every glasses shop. If you want to buy it in a quickly and easy way without drive around, you can order it online. And you are likely found it at online optical shop like,
  • cattatra


    To find the best suitable reading glasses for wide faces, trying on some eyeglasses is the best way to know which type of eyeglasses suit for you. And i can't give your an answer just according to the information wide faces. If you want to make your face look smaller, you shall try some big frames reading glasses to flatter you. Besides, you shall also buy them according to your personal style.

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