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Debra Havel


Have you ever tried to buy nerd glasses online?

i am considering to buy a pair of big nerd glasses online, but i don't have any experience before. Have you ever tried to buy nerd glasses online? How do you think about the quality and service?
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  • Denise


    Yes. I found a kind of nerd eyeglasses which look very cute online by chance. Then I contact their customer service to get more detailed information. They also told me that they have vitual try-on system on the order page which can help me to figure out whether the glasses can suit me fine. After I tried them on online, I decided to get a pair of fashion nerd glasses from them. When I recieved them, I found they are made of good quality and they do make me look cool. Getting eyeglasses online is pretty convenient.
  • Bernice


    I have bought black prescription eyeglasses with big frames online. It is easily and convenient way to buy eyeglasses at home. What's more, the eyeglasses are very cheap. And they are work well on me. I don't know what style of my glasses till my classmate told me it is nerd eyeglasses. I bought it from Firmoo, their Customer Services are helpful. I think it is a happy experience of buying the eyeglasses.

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