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Does ghee work on dark circles?

Is it true that ghee can help reduce dark circles under eyes? If so, how can ghee work on it?
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  • Alexia gerard


    Well, ghee is oil rich in nutrients, and it is stable at room temperature and stays fresh for a long time. One way that ghee is used in Ayurveda medicine is for eye health, including the removal of dark circles under the eyes. Besides, dark circles may be a sign of food allergies, lack of sleep or a more serious medical condition, so see your doctor to determine the cause. Also, you can just use some black seed oil to reduce your dark circles too. By the way, lack of sleep and stress can be the common causes of dark circles, so just have a good rest.
  • handsome_fuck


    OK, it seems that you are going to reduce your dark circles with the help of food. So, as a matter of fact, ghee is produced from animals, and it simply contains a lot of nutritions, vitamins which could help with your eyes and eliminate dark circles, so, if you try to have some of it, or put some of it on your dark circles, maybe they would be relieved. However, what works best is a change of your lifestyle, try to live a healthier life and you would be better.
  • Jonathan tuener


    The dark circles under eyes can be caused by the lack of good sleep, bad blood circulation and so on. You could notice that you will get the dark circles under the eyes if you are so tired and busy at the work in front of the computers. You will find that the dark circles under the eyes can get serious if you don't treat it well. The ghee has the role of moisture your eyes skin like the oil essentials. As we know, the eyes surrounding parts are so weak which will absorb the oil essentials or ghee easily. Once your eyes skin gets moisture and you will find the release symptom of the dark circled under eyes. You could have a try. You must have the good sleep which will promise the quick recovery.

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